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SIMPLEX Single Premium Plans
Only from Mountain Life

Until now, term insurance has been detailed and complex – tedious rate charts, lengthy applications, delays while you wait for approval. Because you're a banker, you'd rather not be an insurance agent, and writing insurance in conjunction with a loan required some work.

But that's all changed. Mountain Life's SIMPLEX term insurance plans bring unprecedented changes to make selling term insurance easier for you.

Simplified Rates
We simplified rate calculations, so our SIMPLEX rate charts are easy to use with less chance of error. We've also added joint coverage with the same simple age categories.

Our WinRates
software you to prepare a quote and print an application from your desktop PC.

Simple-To-Use Forms and Administration
Our forms are shorter and simpler, too. And we've made processing and reporting easier and more convenient than ever.

Automatic Issue Up to $50,000 With Favorable Health
Now you don't have to wait for approval. Four simple questions answered favorably will result in automatic issue on any amount up to $50,000. So healthy applicants can be issued immediately.

Term insurance that can't be simpler -- that's SIMPLEX.

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