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Created for Loan Personnel
Mountain Life Insurance Company was created to provide insurance products to financial institutions. Because our company was founded by bankers, our products and services were designed from the beginning to be used by loan platform personnel.

Training and Service
Mountain Life designs its products and services with the needs of the lending institution in mind. Some insurance rates may be regulated, but service never is. Mountain Life works with lending officers and staff to keep credit insurance sales and administration easy. Forms and administrative procedures are designed for your convenience, so you may provide better service to your loan customers.

Simplified Forms and Underwrting
In addition to credit life and disability insurance, Mountain Life offers accident insurance and term insurance products designed expressly for financial institutions. Traditionally, life insurance companies focus on consumers and have systems structured for mass-market support. Our term insurance products are convenient and easy to use with one-page applications, simplified underwriting and WinRates™ software for personal computer based quoting and application printing.

Prompt Claims Processing
Nothing is as important as prompt attention to claims. The majority of claims are processed the day they are received for payment the following business day. Both the claimant and the financial institution are notified immediately if additional information is required before a claim can be processed. We work closely with everyone involved until the matter is resolved.

Reputation of Excellence
Mountain Life has a long-standing reputation for great customer service in the financial industry. We are proud of our knowledge of the lending market and our ability to meet its needs and anticipate its trends. We never forget we are in the service business. Our name is on every policy; for us, that means we must deliver.


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